Texas Tech University

2016 WalletHub Tax Fairness Survey


September 13, 2016

WalletHub - Tax policy is an ever-changing landscape. As such, questions of fairness regularly find their way to the forefront of politics and public discourse. Who should pay for what and how much are among the questions that everyday Americans grapple with while struggling to navigate an increasingly complex tax code.

Vaughn E. James
Judge Robert H. Bean Professor of Law at Texas Tech University School of Law

More than 90% of respondents on WalletHub's Tax Fairness survey believe investment income should be taxed at least as much as wages – what do you think about that?

I agree. Investment income is just another form of income. In fact, it is passive income, income earned from doing nothing. Wage income, on the other hand, is income earned from working hard -- sometimes, very hard. To me, it does not seem fair that investment income is taxed at a mere 15% and wage income at higher rates. It is time to change that policy.

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