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Red Raiders Bring 'Tech to Town' with Day of Community Service

K'Leigh Sims; Video by Jeff Ramazani and Lacey Nobles

April 11, 2016

Tech to Town

(VIDEO) Hundreds of Texas Tech volunteers gave their time over the weekend to offer their services to the Lubbock area.

Tech to Town

While most Saturdays are for relaxing, 500 volunteers from the Texas Tech community offered their time and services Saturday (April 9) to the Lubbock area for the one-day service project Tech to Town.

The event was designed by Texas Tech students as a service project to say “thank you” to the city of Lubbock for all the community does for the university.


Organized by the Texas Tech Student Government Association (SGA) and the Office of the President, students, faculty and staff went to 11 different sites in the community to help with neighborhood cleanup, homeless-shelter volunteering, lake and pond cleanup, and other service projects around the West Texas city.

Tech to Town

“The city of Lubbock and Texas Tech form a community that is befitting West Texas kinship,” said John Opperman, Texas Tech interim president. “We expected between 200 to 300 volunteers for the first year of this event but have been heartened by 500 faculty, staff and student volunteers giving of their time this weekend to give back to the community.”

This is the first year Texas Tech organized the event, but according to SGA's external vice president Caleb Fisher, this idea had been around for a while and was only able to turn into a reality this year.

Tech to Town

“As college students, we often live our lives seeing the world through a narrowed lens, focusing solely on school and our personal lives but not always noticing what is going on in the world around us,” he said. “This event, even on a small scale, was designed to give Texas Tech students the motivation to get outside of our college lives, serve others and see how the world makes a lot more sense when we help others.

“I want to thank the students, the Office of the President and the Lubbock City Council who were a huge help in this matter.”

To learn more about Tech to Town, visit the Office of the President's website.