Texas Tech University

Students and Faculty Recognized at Prestigious Scholarship Reception

Amanda Castro-Crist

April 29, 2016

Applicants, faculty and staff work for months to secure awards to support educational and research endeavors.

Each year, Texas Tech University students spend many months writing and revising essays and requesting letters of recommendation with the hope of securing scholarships and fellowships. Faculty and staff dedicate their time as well, writing letters and serving on selection committees and mock interview panels.

That work was recognized on April 13 at the first Prestigious Scholarship Reception. The ceremony was hosted by the Office of National and International Scholarships and Fellowships and the Honors College.

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The scholarships featured in the ceremony are highly competitive and include the Rhodes Scholarship, George J. Mitchell Scholarship, Marshall Scholarship, Fulbright U.S. Student Program, Barry Goldwater Scholarship, Udall Scholarship and Truman Scholarship. The process of securing one of these awards is lengthy and requires a significant time and effort from students, faculty and staff at Texas Tech.

“Students must request letters of recommendation that can attest to their academic potential, leadership qualities and ambassadorial potential, among other things,” said Wendoli Flores, director of NISF. “These letters require a lot of thought and can be quite time-consuming, but can make a significant impact on a student's application dossier.”

Flores said faculty and staff conduct several meetings with the student applicants before the students apply to the scholarships. In-person interviews and a review of each individual dossier are required. Mock interviews also are performed by faculty and staff in an effort to better prepare students who have made it to the final round.

The reception, which Flores hopes will become an annual event, is a way to recognize the applicants, faculty and staff who work so hard to put forth the most competitive application for these prestigious awards.

Award winners recognized this year include 2016 Goldwater Scholarship Recipient Hattie Schunk, and Kennady Abbott, Max Zhelyeznyakov and Amanda Miller who each received Goldwater Honorable Mention Awards. Other students who made it to finalist rounds include Elizabeth Hash, who applied for the Rhodes Scholarship, David Johnson, an applicant to the Fulbright U.S. Student Program and Ben Sharp, who applied to the Truman Scholarship.

“Although several students did not earn awards, they were recognized with a certificate of appreciation, as these scholarship competitions require an immense amount of time and preparation, and it is important to recognize their efforts,” Flores said.

For more information about the Office of National and International Scholarships and Fellowships, visit its website.