Texas Tech University

Students, Faculty and Staff Plant 28,000 Trees, Shrubs for Arbor Day

K'Leigh Sims; Video by Jeff Ramazani and Lacey Nobles

April 29, 2016

Arbor Day

(VIDEO) The annual event was created in 1938 and continues to grow each year.


The Texas Tech University community worked together Friday (April 29) to lend a hand in planting 28,000 trees, shrubs and flowers throughout campus for Arbor Day, an annual tradition where students, faculty and staff join to help beautify the campus and build a sense of community in Raiderland.

More than 2,000 students, faculty and staff planted a variety of items, including red geraniums, lantanas, salvia, pistachio trees, Mexican feather grass, crepe myrtles, turk's cap and more.

Arbor Day

Hector Aguirre, a senior landscape architecture student, said it's important for the Texas Tech community to be involved in the annual event because people need to understand the importance to replace the items we use from the Earth.

“Arbor Day is important because it teaches sustainability,” he said. “As we continue to grow on campus, we use more resources and rely on the Earth's resources for what we need. I think teaching students the initiative is important because we use these resources all the time and it takes more than a few years for them to grow back. We need to understand the importance of replanting trees and replacing the items we use to give back to the Earth for what it has given us.”

Arbor Day

The annual event was created in 1938 by Texas Tech President Bradford Knapp, who was saddened by the bareness of the campus. The tradition was carried out in true West Texas fashion as Knapp, State Sen. G.H. Nelson, business manager W. T. Gaston, superintendent of buildings J. H. Grimsley and other administrators supervised the work on horseback while home economics students in long dresses and sunbonnets rode in covered wagons to hand out coffee and doughnuts to the volunteers.

The tradition has grown exponentially since its beginning and continues to grow each year.

Arbor Day occurs at Memorial Circle and includes activities, live music, free food and T-shirts followed by a student organization awards ceremony in addition to the planting.

For more information about Arbor Day, visit the Student Union and Activities website.