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Historical Society Launches Oral History Project

The Fort Stockton Pioneer

February 5, 2016

The Fort Stockton Pioneer - The Fort Stockton Historical Society began an oral history project in early January. The Historical Society has recruited the help of Texas Tech's artist-in-residence and Southwest Collections staff member Andy Wilkinson to record interviews onto audiotape for Pecos County part of the collection.

Wilkinson's job at Texas Tech is to collect archival diaries, business letters, etc., and to document the overall history of various assigned locations. He traveled from Lubbock and spent two days conducting interviews with locals inside the Fort Stockton Public Library. Wilkinson said there is a lot of cultural and economic ties between Fort Stockton and Lubbock due to them both being built in a place where there was a lot of water.

"Pecos County has a very interesting history. This oral history project is setting up the future generation to have what we lack in original documents. It would have been outstanding to have oral history documentation from Annie Riggs and the many other historical figures of Fort Stockton."

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