Texas Tech University

Texas Tech Alumnus Returns After Leaving Olympic Impression

Jenae Fleming

February 12, 2016

Bob Condron will conduct a weeklong special topics course for the College of Media and Communication.

Bob Condron

Texas Tech University alumnus Bob Condron returns to campus to teach a one-week special topics course entitled “Media & Communication Planning for the U.S. Olympic Team” for the College of Media and Communication. Condron served as the former director of media services for the United States Olympic Games for 30 years and is a member of the national advisory board for the college.

“I love the Olympic Games and its importance to this world, and I also love Texas Tech University and what it has meant to me in my life,” Condron said.

Throughout the week, students will select a U.S. sport and prepare a communications and media plan. Condron's hope for the course is to teach students to see the need for planning and preparation and be ready for the challenges they face.

“They say luck is where preparation meets opportunity,” Condron said. “I want these students to know how to be prepared for luck to come their way.”

Condron's career towards the Olympics began with an advertising class taught by Billy Ross in 1966. Ross mentioned the athletics department was looking for a student assistant in the sports information office and Condron jumped at the opportunity.

“That afternoon I was doing the clipping book for sports information director Bill Holmes,” Condron said.

Condron went on to graduate with a degree in business administration from Texas Tech in 1968. He said he credits his alma mater and former professors for showing him how to be professional, take on tasks and do them properly and precisely the first time.


“I'll never forget the major influences I had in the classroom, like Ralph Selmeyer, Billy Ross, Bob Rooker, Wally Garet and the Bill Dean,” Condron said. “They treated us not as students, but as professionals and they expected us to do our classwork as professionals.”

The one-week course will be held from 6-8 p.m. Feb. 15-19 in the College of Media and Communication.

“I came away from this school with a love of people and a love of what I could be if I followed their advice,” Condron said. “I need to pay back that love and vision they had for me and pass it along to these students who will make a difference in the world.”