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Texas Tech Alumna Creates Supplement to Increase Pet Health

Cara Vandergriff

February 26, 2016

Nancy Seymour founded Shining Star Pets, a company focused on increasing the health and quality of life of pets with all-natural supplements.

Nancy Seymour
Nancy Seymour

Texas Tech alumna Nancy Seymour, like so many other pet owners, wanted more than anything to prolong the life of her beloved dog, Casey. When Casey began suffering from Cushing's disease, Seymour was devastated – and left wondering why we always seem to lose our pets too early.

Seymour considered that, like humans, pets' health could benefit from the sound nutrition made up of a healthy diet and natural supplements. With Casey's illness driving her motivation, she got to work.

After extensive nutritional research, she created a supplement consisting of “superfoods” and natural ingredients intended to increase overall health and quality of life for pets.

“My goal was to buy Casey some time with a better quality of life,” she said. “I switched her to a grain-free diet and added my supplement to her food.”

After just three days of providing the daily supplement, Seymour noticed an incredible difference in Casey's health.

“Her trembling legs stabilized after just three days, and the mucous that was covering her eyes disappeared – they became shiny and alert again,” Seymour said. “After five days I noticed her coat, which had been falling out, was beginning to fill back in with a shine and luster.”

After 21 days of taking the supplement, Casey's two belly tumors disappeared. With her wellbeing so improved, Casey could once again enjoy the simple canine delights of prancing around the yard and rolling in the grass. The dramatic increase in Casey's health led Seymour to believe her supplement had really made a difference, and her dream of beginning a pet nutrition company was born.


Seymour used the supplement for her other pets, and as her friends began to use it and observe its benefits, a business was launched.

“In the beginning, the supplement was just made for Casey,” Seymour said. “But soon enough I had friends using it who told their friends, who told their friends – they all wanted it. I was getting calls every day. One thing led to another, and soon I opened my first little company.”

In her ten years of work, Seymour has accumulated a following of loyal fans and has even been mentioned in Dog Living Magazine, Wake Living Magazine, UNCTV and the Raleigh News & Observer.

Seymour graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in home sciences, which she said introduced her to her passion for nutrition and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

“I loved everything about my time at Texas Tech,” Seymour said. “I think my love for nutrition and all I learned at the College of Human Sciences was clearly the foundation for me to continue on to make a difference in pet health.”

What she loved about studying nutrition was its relation to chemistry, which she had always implemented while pursuing her favorite hobby of cooking.


“I've always loved cooking, so studying nutrition was thrilling to me,” Seymour said. “It made sense to me even then that you can influence your health just by changing the nutrients you put into your body. People are finally starting to see that the same health benefits they get from healthy diets can also benefit their pets.”

Seymour's company, newly named Shining Star Pets, is now working to use new technologies to reach customers online by launching its new website in February.

“This launch will be the first time our product is available online to consumers,” Seymour said. “We hope to become a global company one pet at a time, all while maintaining our original business model of compassion, customer service and genuine care of pets.”

With the launch of the new website, Seymour plans sell her pet supplements along with providing ingredient information, customer testimonials and creating a library of video blog tutorials on pet-related topics from adopting rescues to training a new puppy.

“It's been my dream for ten years to share this product with people and their families,” Seymour said. “We seem to lose our pets too early, but I believe I have created something to give them every nutritional advantage to a long and healthy life.”