Texas Tech University

Medina Winner
Medina's winning entry.

Faculty and alumni from Texas Tech University's College of Architecture took home multiple honors from the 41st annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition, a well-known national and international competition for architectural drawing, presented by the Dallas chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Alumnus Martin Medina, an associate member of the AIA, won the Student 3-D Print category with work he did in former Texas Tech professor Daniel Pruske's graduate class. A second work of Medina's was a finalist in the category. Medina now works for the Dallas-based firm Omniplan Architects.

Medina Finalist
Medina's second entry.

Mane Nalbandyan, who received her bachelor's degree from the College of Architecture in 2008, won the Student Digital-Mixed Media category with graduate work she completed at the Pratt Institute in New York City.

Texas Tech professor Bennett Neiman was chosen as a finalist in the Professional Digital-Mixed Media category.

Josh Nason, a College of Architecture alumnus and later a visiting assistant professor, was the competition's moderator.

“Architecture is a profession of formal judgement, aspiration and technical conjecture,” said Andrew Vernooy, dean of the College of Architecture and AIA member. “The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition is one of the most important architectural drawing competitions in the world because it focuses on the ability to represent what is not present but what is possible.”

Nalbandyan Winner
Nalbandyan's winning entry.

The late Virginia Thompson, a Texas Tech alumna from the class of 1959 and professor in the college, and 1960 alumnus Steve Oles, a well-known architecture illustrator and architect, played significant roles in the competition's creation, development and success.

“Texas Tech's involvement with this competition is embedded in its focus on the discipline and technology of delineation going back to the instructions of Virginia Thompson and the alluring renderings of Steve Oles and reaching forward to seminal explorations of digital media,” Vernooy said. “The college is delighted to have such a strong connection to this very important event.”

Nalbandyan Finalist
Neiman's finalist entry.

The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition
Established in 1974 by the AIA Dallas chapter, the Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition is the world's longest-running architectural drawing competition of its kind. Named after architect Ken Roberts, famous for his ink perspective drawings, the competition recognizes innovations in both hand-drawn and digital architectural drawing. The winners and shortlist each year serve as an inspiring reference for architects and showcase the intersection between technology, design and culture. With a total of 424 entries from 28 countries, this year's competition was the largest to date.