Texas Tech University

7 Questions Families Need to Discuss Before Teens Leave For College

U.S. News

December 11, 2015

U.S. News - The college admissions cycle is a long process with a lot of moving parts. In the midst of all of the upcoming deadlines, parents and students may overlook some of the ways that college will affect the family dynamic. Discussing expectations beforehand can help students choose the best school for them and help families feel more confident about the transition to campus.

"Having an actual GPA expectation might be a little much for some families," says Christine Self, associate director of parent and family relations at Texas Tech University. Students might be hesitant to talk to their parents if their classes aren't going well if GPA expectations are too high. Instead, Self encourages parents to be supportive and find out the dates for midterms and finals and check in on grades during those times.

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