Texas Tech University

Texas Tech Ranked No. 20 for Psychology Graduate Programs

Glenys Young

November 10, 2015

The national rankings were based on more than 75,000 student reviews in 15 categories.


Texas Tech University's graduate programs in psychology have been ranked No. 20 in the nation by graduateprograms.com, making it the only university in the state to be included in the top 25 rankings.

“I'm extremely proud that, not only are we the only graduate psychology department in the state of Texas to be listed in this ranking, but when looking at the other schools in the top 20 of this ranking – Harvard, Stanford, Yale – it speaks volumes about the work this department's faculty is doing,” said Robert Morgan, regents endowed professor and chairman of the Department of Psychological Sciences. “This ranking is evidence that if you want a quality graduate education in psychology, you need look no further than Texas Tech University. We care about graduate education, and this shows in the commitment and support we provide to our graduate students, which is reflected in this ranking.”

Robert Morgan
Robert Morgan

Rankings were compiled using data gathered between 2012-15. They are based on reviews posted by more than 75,000 students participating in more than 1,600 graduate programs nationwide and cover a variety of student topics including academic competitiveness, career support, financial aid and quality of network.

“We have very talented faculty in the Department of Psychological Sciences, a faculty that is very productive, but that also is committed to providing a rich educational experience for our graduate students,” Morgan said. “I believe this ranking is proof we are committed to providing a stimulating learning environment, one that provides mentoring and resources that allow graduate students to be successful while simultaneously providing a supportive academic environment. I am extremely proud of the faculty for this ranking and what it says about our commitment to graduate student education in the Department of Psychological Sciences.”

The nation's top five ranked institutions are The University of Arizona, Harvard University, Stanford University, Michigan State University and the University of Louisville.