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Expert: A Golden Anniversary for 007

Karin Slyker

November 6, 2015

Texas Tech pop culture expert, Rob Weiner, is co-editor of “James Bond in Popular and World Culture: The Films are Not Enough.”

Rob Weiner teaches a James Bond pop-culture class in the Honors College.


James Bond is the longest-running movie franchise in history. The latest installment of the Bond series: "Spectre" is now in theaters.

Rob Weiner, pop culture expert at Texas Tech University, is co-editor of “James Bond in Popular and World Culture: The Films are Not Enough.”


Rob Weiner, associate librarian and pop culture expert, Texas Tech University Library, (806) 742-2238 ext. 282, (806) 780-8775 mobile, or rob.weiner@ttu.edu.

Talking Points

  • James Bond character expanded to video games, comics, board games, toys, literature and more.
  • Bond is known for his gadgets, martinis – shaken not stirred, and the Aston Martin.
  • The mainstays of a Bond film include unique locations, interesting villains and beautiful women.
  • Initial criticism and outcry over Daniel Craig as James Bond, and his evolution to become as much a fan favorite as Sean Connery.


  • “Ian Fleming's superspy creation of James Bond is one of the most successful film and book series in world history.”
  • “Originally, James Bond was very much a Cold War hero, however Fleming's novels still have timeless appeal.”
  • “Connery will always be a favorite in people's minds because he was the first to play the character in the feature film series, but many do not realize that he was not the first. That honor goes to American actor Barry Nelson, who played Bond in a little known television episode of the show ‘Climax,' which aired in 1954.”
  • “Personally, I prefer Roger Moore. I love all of his Bond films, even the lesser ones such as ‘View to a Kill' and ‘Man with the Golden Gun.'”
  • “I also consider the best Bond film to be ‘On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969),' with George Lazenby in the title role. The film has some of the best writing and plot development, as well as being one of the more faithful adaptations of one of Fleming's Bond novels.”