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EdTech 10: 3rd Annual Smart List Series

Getting Smart

October 14, 2015

Getting Smart - It’s official. The 3rd Annual Smart List series is off and running. Over the past couple weeks we’ve acknowledged people and organizations making a difference. During October and November you’ll see around 20 ‘Best of’ lists. So far we’ve highlighted 50 people shaping the future of K-12, coding & computer science, assessment & data resources, and 34 STEM networks & maker resources.

Guns up. Texas Tech University's College of Ed is partnering with the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching to build a competency-based training model for school principals. The $7.2 million federal grant will impact leadership training in Texas, Louisiana and Indiana. Principals deserve the same personalized, competency-based learning opportunities that we advocate for students — check out Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning for more.

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