Texas Tech University

Media & Communication Graduate to be Featured on Reality Television Program

Aleesa Ross

September 23, 2015

Christina Gutierrez graduated from Texas Tech University in May.

Christina Gutierrez, a graduate of the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University, will be featured on the new ABC Family series “Job or No Job,” a reality television show that follows her going through the process of seeking a job after college.

The show follows one young adult per episode as he or she pursues a career through a series of interviews, meeting with “Job Genius” Jane Buckingham in between to discuss tips and tricks related to the interview process, adjusting to a new city and entering the job market.

Job or No Job
Airs 1pm on Oct. 1 on ABC Family.

The episode featuring Gutierrez will air at 1 p.m. Oct. 1 on ABC Family.

Gutierrez graduated in May with a bachelor's degree in advertising and said appearing on a television show after college was the furthest thing from her mind. However, she said it was an opportunity that came up at just the right time.

Growing up in El Paso, Gutierrez was involved with the church she attended, Abundant Living Faith Center. While in college, she became involved with a local church, Experience Life, and said she always pictured herself moving back to El Paso and pursuing a career that revolved around her home church.

Things did not work out as planned, and on the same day Gutierrez learned her church wouldn't be hiring when she graduated, she also found out about the casting call for “Job or No Job.”

“I sent them less than a paragraph and told them who I was, where I went to school and what I wanted to do,” Gutierrez said.

After going through a series of interviews and evaluations, Gutierrez was selected as a contestant two weeks before she graduated.

While at Texas Tech, Gutierrez was a member of Bullet Advertising, the college's advertising student competition team, and she participated in the team's Mary Kay campaign in 2013-2014. Shannon Bichard, chairwoman of the Department of Advertising, said Gutierrez was both a great student and a great asset to the team.

“Christy was an amazing student, and she was always willing to challenge herself to achieve greatness,” Bichard said. “I appreciated her work ethic and creative ability – she was truly an asset to the team.”

The episode of “Job or No Job” featuring Gutierrez began filming in July, and she flew to New York for five days to interview with three major advertising agencies: Deutsch Inc., Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group, and Catch 24 Advertising and Design, Inc.

One thing I learned from this whole experience is it's so important to just be yourself,” Gutierrez said. “You only need one person to say yes to you, and it's more important to find somewhere where you're going to be happy and you're going to thrive, than it is to just have a job and to be content with having the title.