Texas Tech University

A Wisconsin field guide to Scott Walker's vocal tics

The Cap Times

September 10, 2015

The Cap Times - Gov. Scott Walker developed a reputation early in his presidential bid as a candidate who is "relentlessly on message." But the more national exposure he gets, the more he seems to stray from that message.

"Many politicians have vocal tics and they are usually unaware of their speaking pattern. Often, these tics or quirks in speaking style are due to regionalism and go unnoticed if a campaign is conducted at the state or district level," said Erik Bucy, a professor of strategic communication at Texas Tech. "Nationally, vocal tics may persist early in a presidential cycle but are likely to be coached away in the eventual nominee. Typically, pet phrases are used to indicate bonding or affinity for an in-group, or potential supporters a candidate would like to curry favor with."

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