Texas Tech University

A First Look at BuffBurger

Houstonia Magazine

June 11, 2015

Houstonia Magazine - PERSPECTIVE IS A FUNNY THING. In the moment, having just cut into the burger I'd been eagerly anticipating for lunch last week, I was disappointed to find that the patty was not the medium-rare I'd requested when the young woman behind the counter at BuffBurger asked me how I'd like my burger cooked.

While finding Texan producers for many of BuffBurger's ingredients was easy, co-owner Sara Burden found that other ingredients proved tougher to find nearby—but that wasn't necessarily the biggest consideration. "We also want a clean product," she says, "so our next question is, 'Is it clean?'" This has been of lifelong concern for Sara, who graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in agribusiness and once wrote a senior paper on why cows should not be given antibiotics. "I just remembered that a few years ago," she laughs.

The customers, she says, have been incredibly responsive to all the time that she and Buff have spent tracking down high-quality ingredients, and the time Buff himself has spent in the kitchen curing the bacon, making the bread-and-butter pickles or crafting the Yellow Rose Whiskey barbecue sauce, all of which top one of the restaurant's newest and most popular items, the Texas burger, the same burger I tried last week. For now, however, Sara says the number one seller is the plain BuffBurger itself with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, house-made mayonnaise and those delicious, crispy Buff-made pickles. "People just want to check out our basic burger," she says.

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