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Texas Tech Hosts Summer Programs for Youth, Community

Emily Gardner

June 8, 2015

Departments provide on- and off-campus programs starting this month.

Several Texas Tech University departments are hosting summer camps for youth and the community starting this month. These camps range from art programs to college preparatory courses and allow students the opportunity to experience college life by living on campus or commuting daily. Students from throughout the state as well as internationally will attend.

Texas Tech summer camps:

Division of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Community Engagement:

For more information contact Sylvia Gonzales, associate director, Upward Bound, at (806) 742-3616 or sylvia.gonzales@ttu.edu.

Shake Hands with Your Future Brazil I (invitation only and residential).

Shake Hands with your Future Brazil II (invitation only and residential).

    • July 26-30: IDEA Summer Camp (Residential)

For more information contact Isaac Flores, assistant director for IDEAL, at (806) 742-2420 or ike.flores@ttu.edu

For more information contact MariCruz Samarripas at maricruz.samarripas@ttu.edu.

  • Texas Tech Chess
    • July 13-17: Summer Chess Camp I. Early bird pricing lasts until June 15. Registration available on site from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on July 13.
    • Aug. 17-21: Summer Chess Camp II. Early bird pricing available through July 17. On-site registration available from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Aug. 17.

For more information contact Peggy Flores, unit coordinator, Texas Tech Chess, at peggy.flores@ttu.edu.

Museum of Texas Tech University:

  • June 9-11: Tie Dye. Ages 11-14
  • June 9-12: Teen Drawing. Ages 13-18
  • June 16-18: Antarctica. Ages 4-6
  • June 16-18: Wizard Camp. Ages 11-14
  • June 23-25: Terrariums. Ages 7-10
  • June 23-26: Adult Drawing. Ages 18 and older
  • July 7-9: Arts & Crafts. Ages 4-6
  • July 7-9: Wizard Camp. Ages 7-10
  • July 14-16: Tie Dye. Ages 11-14
  • July 14-17: Teen Drawing. Ages 13-18
  • July 21-23: Antarctica. Ages 4-6
  • July 21-23: Wizard Camp. Ages 11-14
  • July 21-24: Weather. Ages 11-14
  • July 28-30: Terrariums. Ages 7-10

To register for the camps, call (806) 742-2432, email museum.education@ttu.edu or stop by the museum. For more information on the camps, visit the Texas Tech Today website or the Museum of Texas Tech website.

College of Human Sciences:

For more information on the College of Human Sciences summer programs, click here or call (806) 742-2390 for Chef Camp and (806) 742-2810 for Fashion Camp.

National Ranching Heritage Center (NRHC) and the International Cultural Center (ICC):

  • All programs hosted from July 13-17 and can be registered for on the National Ranching Heritage Center website. Course descriptions can be found online.
    • Courses Hosted at the NRHC
      • Grades K-2: Wildlife on the Ranch, Plants, Seeds & Me, Pioneer Living and Texas Time Travel
      • Grades 3-5: Leatherworking, Western Movie Making, Ranch Drawing and Painting and Water Wranglers
    • Courses hosted at the ICC
      • Grades K-2: Culture through Art, Music around the World and Oh, the Places You'll Go…
      • Grades 3-5: Let's Talk! Communication through the Ages, Ellis Island: An Immigrant Experience, Worldly Wonders, They Live in a What?, Culture through Art, Music Around the World and Ellis Island: An Immigrant Experience

For more information visit the Texas Tech Today website, or contact Julie Hodges at julie.hodges@ttu.edu.

Texas Tech ISD:

  • TTUISD and Shake Hands with your Future Summer Camps
    • July 5-18 and July 19-Aug. 2 (Residential). Full-time TTUISD students from Brazil will participate.

For more information, contact Jared Lay, director of recruitment and camps at TTUISD, at jared.lay@ttu.edu.

Whitacre College of Engineering:

  • June 14-19: Engineering: Get into Real Learning (Residential)
  • The college also will help host Shake Hands with the Future, Science: It's a Girl Thing, Run on the Wind, Video Game Design and Summer Math Academy.

For more information call (806) 742-3451.

STEM Center for Outreach, Research & Education (STEM-CORE):

For more information contact Jessica Spott, senior project administrator for STEM Outreach, at (806) 834-3163 or jessica.spott@ttu.edu.

College of Education:

  • June 8-26 and July 13-31: East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood (ELPN) Book Bus summer program to promote literacy in East Lubbock. The bus will be at eight East Lubbock locations.

For more information contact Janie Ramirez, outreach programs administrator, at janie.ramirez@ttu.edu.

  • June 15-26: The Dunbar Future Leaders Summer Camp hosted by ELPN.

For more information contact Robert Bleisch at robert.bleisch@ttu.edu.

Burkhart Center for Autism Education & Research:

  • Camp Burkhart:
    • June 8-12: Elementary Camp Burkhart
    • June 22-26: Middle School Camp Burkhart. Registration closes June 19.
    • July 6-10: High School Camp Burkhart. Registration closes July 3.

For more information contact Susan Voland at (806) 834-1331 or susan.voland@ttu.edu.

College of Arts and Sciences:

    • June 2-July 17: TexPrep. Students commute to the university for the duration of the program.

For more information contact Jim Brown, TexPREP assistant director, at (806) 834-6205 or james.f.brown@ttu.edu.

For more information contact Jeff Key, instructor, Department of Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences, at jeff.key@ttu.edu.

College of Visual and Performing Arts:

For more information contact the School of Music at (806) 742-2225.

For more information contact the School of Art at (806) 742-3826.

June 14-20: Texas Tech Summer College Experience (Residential)
For more information contact Katie Langford at katie.langford@ttu.edu.