Texas Tech University

Memorial Research: Texas Tech undergraduate students band together to conduct research in remembrance of a classmate

The Scientist

June 3, 2015

The Scientist - After Texas Tech biology student Chris Rodriguez died in an accident, his friends continued the research he'd just begun, citing his passion for biology and love of learning in picking this way of remembering him.

In 2012, Christopher Rodriguez, a student at Texas Tech University (TTU) and a newly minted TTU/Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Scholar, called his father Chris to tell him how excited he was about his fieldwork studying trees in the arid Franklin Mountains near El Paso. "Well, that sounds boring," the senior Rodriguez, a computer engineer, remembers thinking. Yet his son's enthusiasm and gift for explaining scientific concepts soon ignited a spark of interest in the father. "He had a way about himself to get people really excited about science, particularly about the stuff he was working on," Rodriguez's father says.

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