Texas Tech University

Free Market Institute Faculty Spread Ideas of Economic Freedom

Glenys Young

June 8, 2015

Individuals participated in discussion panels in 16 Eastern European countries.

Benjamin Powell

Three faculty members of Texas Tech University's Free Market Institute (FMI) traveled throughout Europe this spring as presenters for the 2015 Free Market Road Show (FMRS).

After co-hosting the inaugural Free Market Road Show event in the United States in November, titled “What Can the United States Learn from Europe? A Panel Discussion,” the Free Market Institute joined more than 60 other organizations from around the world to co-sponsor the 2015 tour. During the course of the program, FMI faculty and staff participated in panel discussions and delivered presentations in 16 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

“The Free Market Institute agreed to become a co-sponsor of the Free Market Road Show by providing speakers for discussion panels in 16 countries in Eastern Europe because the Free Market Road Show is the organization doing the most to spread the ideas of economic freedom across a region that desperately needs it,” said Benjamin Powell, director of the Free Market Institute.

Kathleen Sheehan

Powell is a professor of economics in the area of energy, economics and law in the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business. He traveled with the FMRS from May 21–27 and participated in programs in Thessaloniki, Greece; Athens, Greece; Komotini, Greece; Mykonos, Greece and Budapest, Hungary.

“The Greek government is bankrupt because of its reckless spending,” Powell said. “Meanwhile the unemployment rate is near 50 percent for people under 25 in some areas of Greece. Approximately 1,000 young people showed up to our event in Thessaloniki to learn how real austerity coupled with free market reforms could foster entrepreneurship and create jobs.”

Kathleen Sheehan is a post-doctoral research associate with the Free Market Institute and an instructor of applied business economics in the Rawls College of Business. Sheehan traveled with the FMRS from April 20-29, participating in programs in Sofia, Bulgaria; Skopje, Macedonia; Pristina, Kosovo; Tirana, Albania; Podgorica, Montenegro; Zagreb, Croatia; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Belgrade, Serbia.

Adam Martin

Adam Martin, a political economy research fellow with the Free Market Institute and assistant professor of agricultural and applied economics in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, traveled with the road show from May 7–14. He participated in programs in Vilnius, Lithuania; Warsaw, Poland; Chisinau, Moldova; Kiev, Ukraine; Tbilisi, Georgia and Istanbul, Turkey.

“It is refreshing to hear young, well-trained academics from Texas Tech's Free Market Institute speak at the Free Market Road Show,” said Barbara Kolm, FMRS executive director. “With their enthusiasm for free markets and entrepreneurship, they not only won the hearts and souls of the thousands of students in our audience but also critical journalists and politicians.

“Moreover, first rate research was presented in the debates by Kathleen Sheehan and Adam Martin. Ben Powell's keynotes not only combined state of the art academic work but also intellectual leadership by promoting Texas Tech's programs throughout all stops visited. We are proud to cooperate with the Free Market Institute and hope to continue this unique co-sponsor program in the next years.”