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Harold Evensky: Comprehensive Planning by Stages—The 2015 IA 35 for 35


May 8, 2015

ThinkAdvisor - Harold Evensky predicts RIAs in the future will offer ‘modular comprehensive planning,’ and be competing against national firms, breakaway brokers and wirehouses who will do ‘serious planning’

When Harold Evensky started in the financial planning business he was doing "yellow pad planning," literally using a yellow pad of paper and a pen to map out clients' financial plans, he told Investment Advisor in April. The industry was still young and along with limited options in technology, there were few advisors with planning expertise.

"I taught the investment portion of the CIP program at the University of Miami and in my class was a UPS driver and a French teacher," he said in a joint interview with his wife and partner (and fellow IA 35 for 35 honoree), Deena Katz. "But that was fairly typical. I was an engineer who came from the construction business. Back in those days, everybody came from somewhere else; nobody started off in planning."

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