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Texas Tech Hosting Panel Discussion on The Joker

George Watson

April 27, 2015

Two Texas Tech experts will discuss the two sides to The Joker character from the Batman comic franchise

WHAT: A panel discussion featuring experts from Texas Tech University on the two sides to The Joker character from the Batman comic franchise

WHEN: 6 p.m. Thursday (April 30)

WHERE: Croslin Room, Texas Tech University Library

EVENT: Robert Moses Peaslee, chairman of the Department of Journalism and Electronic Media in the College of Media & Communication, and Robert G. Weiner, Texas Tech Libraries associate librarian and pop culture expert, served as editors of the book, "The Joker: A Serious Study of the Clown Prince of Crime." The book examines the two sides to the legendary nemesis of the Caped Crusader, Batman, and how in some ways The Joker can be considered just as much of a hero as Batman himself.

Those unable to attend the panel discussion can view it live on YouTube by clicking here.

Peaslee and Weiner, along with contributing writer Ryan Litsey, will be featured in a panel discussion for the book. Moderated by Paul Hunton of KTTZ radio, the discussion also will be featured live on YouTube for those unable to attend, and a book signing will follow the discussion.

Published by the University Press of Mississippi, the book, compiled from several contributing writers, is the first academic work to give a complete study of a villain and why he remains relevant to today's audiences.

A full synopsis of the book can be found at the University Press of Mississippi's website. Those wishing to follow the panel discussion on social media can use the Twitter hashtag #jokerpanel.

Both men will also be featured speakers at the Denver Comic Con May 23-25, where he will discuss the book. Peaslee will also talk about his other book on the history and meaning of Spiderman.

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