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Looking Differently at Rural America and Climate Change

DTN: The Progressive Farmer

April 20, 2015

DTN: The Progressive Farmer - Does rural America suffer under the ravages of climate change or does a low-carbon economy translate into economic opportunities in the Midwest and Great Plains?

The president isn't the only one sharing that message that climate change can create opportunity. One of the nation's most dynamic and high-profile speakers on climate change, Katharine Hayhoe, will speak Wednesday evening in Iowa about the ways agriculture and rural America can lead on climate change.

Hayhoe is the director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University and also an evangelical Christian. When I first met Hayhoe in 2012 she was drawing backlash from conservatives over her message that Christians have a moral obligation to address climate change. She drew some wrath in hate mail, blogs and on radio talk shows. Groups opposed to action on climate change filed Freedom of Information requests to read her emails.

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