Pop-culture Expert: Godzilla Roars Back to Theaters

The monster film makes its worldwide debut this weekend.


The movie “Godzilla” is set to make its worldwide debut this weekend, as a reboot of the science fiction monster film franchise of the same name.

Texas Tech pop-culture expert Rob Weiner says it is the latest film in the young adult genre, of which most have a common theme.


Rob Weiner, associate librarian and pop culture expert, Texas Tech University Library, (806) 834-5126 office, (806) 780-8775 mobile, or rob.weiner@ttu.edu.


  • “The first film is often seen as the Japanese response to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the testing of the H-bomb. Therefore Godzilla is often seen as a metaphor for dealing with our fears of atomic power.”
  • “The 1954 Godzilla film was inspired in part by a 1952 successful re-release of the 1933 King Kong and the 1953 Beast of 50,000 Fathoms.”
  • “Due to bad dubbing and changing tastes, Godzilla films became campy. However, it was never looked down upon in Japan. It was part of their culture.”
  • “The process of wearing monster suits is sometimes referred to as suitmation and is an art-form in and of itself.”
  • “Throughout his film career, Godzilla has worn a number of hats, from villain and a creature of terrible destruction - to hero and friend to children.”