Students Prepare for Annual Denim Runway Competition

They will get a chance to show their original designs at the TECHstyle Fashion Show.

Texas Tech University students in the Apparel Design and Manufacturing (ADM) program are preparing the annual Cotton and Denim Runway Design Contest sponsored by Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA), Cotton Council International (CCI) and Cotton Incorporated.

The 2014 Cotton and Denim Runway Designs will be showcased in the TECHstyle Fashion Show that is at 6 p.m. Saturday (April 26) at the Allen Theatre area in the Student Union Building.

TECHstyle is presented by the ADM program so students are recognized for their hard work. The programs mission is to provide quality education for students preparing for professions in areas related to apparel design and manufacturing through comprehensive curriculum.

“The PCCA began this effort as a means for students to learn about the cotton supply chain from cotton farms through the processing of the fiber into denim fabric,” said Katelyn Karney, PCCA’s communication manager. “We work very closely with the ADM faculty to plan and coordinate almost all aspects of each year’s Cotton and Denim Runway design contest.”

Students competing in the Cotton and Denim Runway Design Contest are given the opportunity to enter their original pieces and compete in categories for women’s jeans, men’s jeans, casual wear and cotton trends.

Last year’s winner in the women’s jeans category Elaine Morton, a junior from Plano, said this is her third time to enter the competition. She is working on a spin-off version of last year’s winning jeans.

“I am excited about the competition,” she said. “I like that we get to experiment with men’s jeans and this year my designs will incorporate leather and some zipper detail that reflect my women’s jeans from last year.”

First-time participant Sara Petross, a junior from McCamey, aspires to be a wedding dress designer and is using that inspiration to design jeans with a wedding theme.

“I am excited about this year’s competition since it is the first time I am making jeans,” she said. “It is a new experience and something I am not used to, but I like that I get to incorporate my own personal taste.”

Daniel Ely, a junior from Kingwood, also is competing for the first time. Out of his element, he is learning how to design, construct and finish his jeans on deadline.

“So far, this has been a challenge,” Ely said. “I have never made a pair of jeans before and it is intense because I am used to making dresses.”

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Jun 24, 2022