KTXT-FM’s Program Features Community Leaders

'Top's Ten' features the College of Media & Communication's Dean David Perlmutter.



KTXT-FM (88.1) radio created a new program featuring David Perlmutter, dean of Texas Tech University’s College of Media & Communication.

In the show “Top’s Ten,” Perlmutter interviews Texas notables and asks the 10 most influential pieces of music in their lives. The radio program’s guests tell their life stories through their playlist of favorite songs.

Past episodes have featured guests such as Chancellor Kent Hance and Vice Provost for International Affairs Tibor Nagy. On Tuesday (April 8), the show released interviews with Kelly Rowe, Lubbock County sheriff, and Christy Martinez-Garcia, Latino Lubbock magazine publisher.

“I’ve found you can learn a lot from people by asking them what music was significant in their lives. Music is the window of the soul,” Perlmutter said. “Since we have the wonderful KTXT radio station in the college, I thought it would be a good radio show for students and everyone else.”

Former guest Todd Chambers, chairperson of the Department of Journalism and Electronic Media, said the program allows opportunity to showcase Texas Tech.

Martinez-Garcia said her experience on air was enjoyable.

“The Top’s Ten show at Texas Tech is a mix of an individual’s history coupled with music occurring at that time in history,” Martinez-Garcia said. “It’s unique and definitely a chance to showcase Texas Tech.”

Perlmutter plans to continue producing “Top’s Ten” every few weeks. Shows air at noon on Sundays and episodes are repeated at 5 p.m. on Mondays.

For Top’s Ten recordings, visit http://www.ktxtfm.org/raider/tops-ten/. For more information about KTXT-FM, visit http://www.ktxtfm.org/raider/.

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