Texas Tech Celebrates Women in Texas Music

Crossroads of Music Archive celebrates Women’s History Month with exhibit on Women in Texas Music.


Texas Tech University’s Crossroads of Music Archive is celebrating Women’s History Month with an inaugural exhibit on Women in Texas Music throughout March.

This year’s exhibit is located in the Texas Tech Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library (SWC/SCL) library. It features photos, records and news articles of women musicians featuring a variety of musical styles such as Mary Jane Johnson, Susan Grisanti, The Heartbeats, Terri Sue Newman, Genie Jones and The Ranch Girls.

Crossroads Music Archive is housed in the SWC/SCL. The university archives serves as the institutional memory for Texas Tech by collecting, preserving and making accessible to researchers such historical materials as faculty records, publications, photographs video and audio materials.

Women in Texas Music

Women in Texas Music exhibit

“A focus on women in music is a part of the Crossroads of Music Archive mission,” said Curtis Peoples, associate archivist for the Crossroads Music Archive. “We will begin setting up interviews with women in the music industry from around West Texas and the state in order to preserve an important part of the state’s cultural legacy.”

Peoples worked with Lyn Stoll, exhibit designer and fabricator for the Crossroads Music Archive, to curate the exhibit. He helped her find pictures and developed captions for the various pieces at the Women in Texas Music exhibit.

“Lyn and I came to realize we needed to collect more materials such as photos and articles from women musicians and artists,” Peoples said. “We want to recognize achievements and help promote women’s contributions to the music industry.”

The Crossroads Music Archive plans to produce a bigger exhibit next year and hopes to include a musical performance.

The Crossroads of Music Archive is looking for donations relating to music in the West Texas area such as music recordings, posters, photographs and oral histories. Contact the Crossroads of Music Archive for more information about donations at (806) 834-5777 or curtis.peoples@ttu.edu.


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Jun 23, 2022