Looking Back: Making an Impact Through Research

Studies include the origin of life, celestial phenomena, online infidelity and more.

Texas Tech Among Top Faculty Fulbright Producers in U.S.

Texas Tech University’s latest crop of faculty Fulbright scholarships is among the most in the nation.

With 10 awards, Texas Tech leads all research institutions for U.S. Fulbright Scholars, along with Ohio State and Illinois who also each received 10 fellowships.

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Paleontologist Presents Origin of Life Theory

It has baffled humans for millennia: how did life begin on planet Earth? Now, new research from a Texas Tech University paleontologist suggests it may have rained from the skies and started in the bowels of hell.

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Where Have the Quail Gone?

The well-worn, topless Jeep pulls out of the carport by the horse barn and starts down a dirt trail flanked by sage and mesquite.

As the wheels bounce over the sandy terrain of his 6,000-acre quail ranch in Stonewall County, Rick Snipes starts out seeking the familiar and iconic bird call. The ranch sits in an area known for some of the nation’s best quail hunting.

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Texas Tech Commissions New Wind Research Facility

The new Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWiFT) was commissioned on July 9.

SWiFT is a unique facility that gives the U.S. an opportunity to address wind farm underperformance, much of which can be attributed to turbine-to-turbine interaction.

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Religious Tattoos: Do They Serve a Greater Purpose?

Two Texas Tech sociologists say the reasoning behind religious tattoos are similar to a 100-year-old theory about how the Protestant work ethic powered the Industrial Revolution.

Their findings are published in The Social Science Journal.

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Physicist's Camera Captures Day-Old Supernova

With the help of a special spectroscopic camera developed by a Texas Tech University physicist, researchers at Caltech and Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network captured rare images of a star in another galaxy going supernova within a day of the star’s explosion.

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Researchers Find Cancer Risks Double When Two Carcinogens Present at 'Safe' Levels

At low levels, arsenic and estrogen offer little threat to human health. However, Texas Tech scientists found that low doses together can cause cancer in prostate cells.

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Online Infidelity: It's Facebook Official

Thanks to a new study by Texas Tech University researchers, treating infidelity among couples may change due to the unique aspect of social networking sites, specifically Facebook.

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Texas Tech CERN Physicists Celebrate Nobel Prize in Physics

U.S. scientists, including Texas Tech’s High Energy Physics Group, played a significant role in advancing the theory of what is now known as the Higgs field, which gives elementary particles mass.

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Texas Tech Celebrates New Burkhart Center for Autism

Previously housed in the College of Education Building, the two-story autism education and research facility showcases the impressive growth the program has experienced since its establishment and now includes 28,458 square feet of space for clinical facilities.

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