Clinical Psychology Program Ranks High Among Peer Institutions

The program was listed as a “hidden gem” in a recent journal article.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology Program

Texas Tech University’s clinical psychology doctoral program was listed as a “hidden gem” in a recent article published in the journal, “Training and Education in Professional Education.”

“Texas Tech’s clinical psychology program exemplifies the high level of achievement students have upon entering the program,” said Texas Tech President M. Duane Nellis. “The faculty and staff do an excellent job of training these students to enter the workforce.”

The purpose of the study was to identify doctoral programs in clinical psychology whose students have high levels of success passing the national licensure exam (EPPP) and high internship placement rates.

“Texas Tech has very talented students based on the credentials they come in with, but our average GPA and GRE scores are not as high as what is seen in Tier One schools,” said Lee Cohen, Department of Psychology professor and chair. “This said, our students are exceeding expectations when compared to their peers across the country on these important outcome variables. This is a testament to the hard-working students we recruit and the excellent training they receive while here.”

According to the research, programs were ranked according to success rates on these two student outcomes based on what would be predicted based on students’ incoming GPA and scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Results ranked Texas Tech as the number one program based on these emerging professional benchmarks combined (EPPP and internship match rates).

“The results highlight the important role that training programs play in getting doctoral students prepared for entry level work in professional psychology,” said Joaquin Borrego, training director in the clinical psychology doctoral program. “This information in this study will serve as a great recruiting and visibility tool and it will also assist us in continuing to recruit great students at a national level.”

Texas Tech’s Clinical Psychology doctoral program is accredited by the American Psychology Association and follows the scientist-practitioner training model.

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Jun 24, 2022