Partnership Agreement with Organization Announced

The university will become an affiliate partner with the Center for Innovation.

Texas Tech University has agreed in principle to partner with the Center for Innovation, an organization with goals to commercialize the technology in advanced research studies. The two organizations met in Arlington on Aug. 30 and details of the partnership are expected to be finalized at a later date.

The Center for Innovation (CFI) was established in 2001 by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce Foundation to serve as a catalyst for technology-led economic development.

“Creating partnerships and synergies with external organizations are vital to our success as a national leading research university,” said Texas Tech President M. Duane Nellis. “We are proud to enter into this agreement with the Center for Innovation and the Arlington Chamber and its members and look forward to a successful and collaborative association.”

This partnership, along with 18 others like it, will focus on the development of TechComm, a national and multiagency approach to effectively communicate lab results to the marketplace in order to commercialize advanced technology. TechComm represents nine federal agencies and has more than 300 labs dedicated to research.

“The CFI was pleased to welcome both Texas Tech’s distinguished scientists and scholars and the university to the center’s prestigious affiliate partner network,” said Wes Jurey, president and CEO of the center. “The new relationship will provide Texas Tech access to CFI’s research and technology partnerships, representing 334 federal labs, and network of research-oriented universities and industry partners. As an intermediary for relevant licensing and invention technologies, CFI anticipates playing an important role in the commercialization of new technologies and other business opportunities in support of Texas Tech.”

In the past Texas Tech brought in more than $200 million in research and development and more than 80 new technologies annually to its partners.

“Technology commercialization is a team sport and we look forward to working with the Arlington Chamber and its center members – both public and private – to accelerate innovation and the transfer of technology back to taxpayers who provide the support for public universities such as ourselves,” said Jodey C. Arrington, Texas Tech’s vice chancellor for Research, Commercialization, and Federal Relations.

Texas Tech aligns with an organization committed to fostering collaboration among the nation’s federal labs and research universities, and the venture capital industry; resulting in greater affordability, reliability and efficiency for consumers.

“Our relationship with the center and the City of Arlington will further enhance our well-established relationships with federal labs, research universities and industry in a city that is home to so many of our students and accomplished alumni,” said Kent Hance, chancellor of the Texas Tech University System.

Office of Research and Innovation

The Office of Research and Innovation is tasked with facilitating excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity for Texas Tech students, faculty and staff. The office promotes an academic environment embracing creativity, curiosity, innovation, diversity, ethics and integrity.

Among other programs, the OR&I supports responsible and safe conduct of research, faculty development and recognition, interdisciplinary collaborations, externally sponsored research, partnerships with industry and community stakeholders, international research collaboration and the application of research for the benefit of society. The OR&I promotes a culture of creative expression, discovery, innovation and collaboration with the goal of advancing Texas Tech’s status as an elite national research university.


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