Right Place, Right Time

Two Texas Tech students help save the day while working at Byron Nelson golf tournament.

Mary Brunson and Caylar  Widick

Mary Brunson and Caylar Widick

Texas Tech University students Mary Brunson and Caylar Widick each were doing their job May 16, attending to guests in the skybox area at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament.

They had no idea they were about to attend to an emergency.

Widick, a junior public relations major from Vega, said a man was walking back to his skybox at the 18th green when he collapsed. She and Brunson reacted in a manner that may have saved the man’s life.

“I knew there was an emergency as soon as the man fainted and fell to the ground,” said Brunson, a sophomore restaurant, hotel and institutional management major from Spring. “We immediately went to the man, and as a custodian fanned the man’s face to cool him down, I went to police and yelled for EMS and an ambulance.”

Despite not having medical experience, the girls’ quick responses may have helped save the man, who had apparently suffered a heart attack.

“I think anybody would have reacted the same way, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” Widick said. “I am very glad that he came out ok and it makes me extremely proud to know that because of our quick reaction, we gave him and his family another day to be with their loved ones.”

Brunson agreed, and noted the situation could have gone much differently had she and Widick not been present.

“Looking back, I feel like I reacted quite well, and I am actually a little proud,” she said. “I am glad I responded so quickly under such pressure, and I hope everyone else would have done the same.”

The Byron Nelson tournament hires hospitality majors from Texas Tech for the week of the tournament. Brunson and Widick were recognized in a newsletter from the Four Seasons Resort, where the tournament was held May 15-19.


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