Students Team Together to Help Salvation Army

The community service project was part of Tech Lubbock Community Day.

The helpful students did everything from preparing meals to yard work to painting.

The helpful students did everything from preparing meals to yard work to painting. (Click to enlarge.)

Despite being busy with school and looming final exams, many students have found time to give back to the Lubbock community.

On April 6, more than 150 students gave up their Saturday to help the Salvation Army as part of Tech Lubbock Community Day. Students prepared meals, helped with yard work, painted, repaired and helped clean the facility.

“The Salvation Army is a great group to work with,” said Allison Thurman, who volunteered with the Raiders Helping Others (RHO) student organization. “They are very organized and had plenty of work they needed done.”

RHO teamed with the National Residence Hall Honorary, Residence Hall Association and the Student Staff Leadership Council.

“We are all housing organizations and started a president’s meeting to keep in touch with what each group was doing,” said RHO President Marian Schwarz. “We decided to do a joint project, and as service is a pillar in each group, Tech Lubbock Community Day was an easy decision.”

In addition to the student volunteers, several faculty and staff members helped with the event as well. Volunteers came from all over campus, but many participants got involved because of their participation in residential organizations.

Students had their work cut out for them, but said it was well worth the effort.

“I edged driveways, sidewalks and street curbs as well as trimmed grass,” said Logan Thoeni, who is a residential housing association senator. “At the end of the day, I helped a group of students shovel compost into trucks to store in a yard across the street. That would cost the Salvation Army thousands of dollars to pay someone to do.”

The coordinators for the event say they hope the success of community day will encourage more people on campus to get involved in the Lubbock community.

“Most student groups focus their service efforts around campus, and local charities like the Salvation Army need volunteers so badly,” said Erin Evans, co-event coordinator.

Expanding the day to include a weekend of service is a hope for next year’s event, Evans explained.

“It is important to give back to the community because it shows that you care about others,” Thurman said. “It may only be a minute of your time, but it has the power to impact the other person for a lifetime. I think Texas Tech is doing a good job.”