Super Saturdays Offering Spring Registration

The classes will be offered on four consecutive Saturdays between Feb. 9 and March 2.

The Institute for the Development and Enrichment of Advanced Learners (IDEAL) at Texas Tech University is hosting Super Saturdays, an academic enrichment program for gifted and high-achieving elementary and middle school-aged students. The classes will be offered on four consecutive Saturdays between Feb. 9 and March 2.

Registration must be mailed, faxed or submitted in person and include a copy of the student’s most recent report card or a letter of recommendation from the student’s teacher or school official.

For more information on the class schedule, pricing, and to download a registration form, visit

The classes being offered this spring include:

  • Cooking and Cultures, grades 1-6
  • Students explore the tastes of Mexico, Italy, the Mediterranean and France by making recipes from these countries and learning about the culture of each country as well.

  • All the World’s a Stage, grades K-6
  • Students learn the basics of stage performance and delivery as well as confidence when performing. The students will put on a final performance for family and friends at the last class meeting.

  • In the Lab, grades 4-6
  • Students explore experiments in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry and physics and learn about several scientific disciplines.

  • Animal Science, grades 3-6
  • Students learn about meat, animals, food production and food science. Trips to the Texas Tech New Deal Field Laboratory and hands-on work with horses, cattle, sheep and pigs will be provided.

  • Dino-Rock, grades K-2
  • Basic paleontology is the focus, as students perform experiments and activities that help understand excavation and learn about dinosaur behavior and fossils.

  • Lego Robotics, grades 2-6
  • Students will design a LEGO robot to perform specific tasks. On the last class, all robots will participate in a competition to determine the best design.

  • Spanish in Action, grades K-6
  • Students learn Spanish to help with communication, travel and careers. Culture exploration, games and music of Spanish-speaking countries also will be a focus.

  • Adventures in Art, grades K-6
  • Students experiment in painting, color, shapes and drawing with an emphasis on design and creativity.

  • Architecture, grades 2-3
  • Students draw, design and create through various activities like reconstructing Stonehenge, bridge building and building geodesic domes.

  • Experiments Galore, grades K-1
  • Students observe, investigate and experiment with different kinds of science by participating in activities such as making volcanoes, rockets and invisible ink.

  • Toxicology, grades 4-6
  • Students participate in experiments to learn about pharmaceuticals, pollutions, animal toxins and chemicals, and how they affect the community and environment.

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