Texas Tech Joins National 'Got Your 6' Campaign

The school has many programs and services in place to help military veterans and their families succeed.

Texas Tech University has joined the “Got Your 6” campaign, a national movement led by the entertainment industry that will help create a new conversation where veterans and military families are perceived as both leaders and civic assets.

“Texas Tech joined the campaign because of the emphasis on the six pillars of support: jobs, education, health, housing, family and leadership,” said Ryan Van Dusen, associate director of the Military and Veterans Programs (MVP). “Texas Tech University is a world-class educational institution, but Lubbock has multiple elements that contribute to the other five pillars.”

In military vernacular, the expression “got your six” means "I’ve got your back, and in turn, you have mine." The reciprocal nature of this statement underlies the message that the “Got Your 6” campaign strives to spread to all Americans. “Got Your 6” represents a powerful show of respect and understanding for our veterans and military families.

Texas Tech has done its part in helping provide that support. The MVP, part of the Division of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement, assists veterans and their families in achieving academic and personal success. The program currently serves around 1,300 veterans or veteran dependent, and also helps veterans off campus by keeping them informed about several agencies around town that offer services to veterans free of charge or at a minimal cost.

MVP also has implemented the Green Zone, a program aimed at training faculty and staff about student veterans and their needs. Texas Tech currently has about 400 faculty and staff who are veterans and a veteran liaison in every academic college. The school also has on-campus chapters of Student Veterans of America, National Veterans Honor Society and veterans career program

Last month, Texas Tech was named a Military Friendly School by G.I. Jobs Magazine for the fourth-straight year.

“You will not find another community that is more supportive and appreciative of military service,” Van Dusen said. “The people in the South Plains have our veterans’ six, and we want to show the rest of the nation what we have to offer our service men and women.