Dance Students Learn From Prestigious Group

The master class was conducted by Ailey II, which recently performed at Texas Tech.

Taking classes in the Texas Tech Department of Theatre and Dance can lead to some very unique experiences, for instance, being introduced to an alternative style of dance from one of the most prestigious modern dance companies in America.

Ailey II recently performed at Texas Tech as part of the Presidential Lecture and Performance Series. Before the performance, students attended a class hosted by three of the Ailey II dancers who taught them some of their unique dance skills.

“This is a chance for our students to take from other instructors which is something we really promote,” said Genevieve Durham DeCesaro, associate professor and dance associate chair in the Department of Theatre and Dance. “We think we are really great, but we want our students to take from other individuals so they get exposure not only to different styles of dancing, but different styles of teaching.”

DeCesaro said it is very important to learn these different styles of teaching because many students will go to be professional performers, choreographers and working teachers.


Jun 24, 2022