New Green Zone Program Also Helps Student Veterans Succeed

The initiative is designed to inform faculty and staff about the needs of veterans on campus.

The Green Zone program, which has trained around 223 faculty and staff, teaches about the university's student veteran population and common transition issues veterans may face.

The Green Zone program, which has trained around 223 faculty and staff, teaches about the university's student veteran population and common transition issues veterans may face.

The Texas Tech Military and Veterans program (MVP) puts a premium on not only ensuring veterans receive a quality education, but also making sure their needs outside the classroom are met.

Enter the Green Zone. Implemented only seven months ago, the program is geared around informing faculty and staff about student veterans and their needs around campus.

Ryan Van Dusen, assistant director for the MVP program and mastermind behind the Green Zone, said the program provides advocacy for student veterans on campus. The office trains faculty and staff about what the veteran population looks like, some of the key issues a student may have adjusting to campus life and even dealing with disability issues veterans may face on campus.

“We focus on these things because veterans are surviving at a rate we have never seen before,” Van Dusen said. “We basically talk about the obstacles or the perceived obstacles that a veteran may have, and also give them a list of resources available in not only our office but also the community as well.”

Van Dusen said his expectations have been blown away with how well the program, a part of the Division of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement, has been received by the campus.

“I have found people want to learn about our veterans so they can better serve them,” he said. “Historically education has served veterans in multiple generations, however, this is the first time this generation has had the opportunity to serve veterans.”

Leigh Green, an academic counselor for Student Disability Services, said the training was very helpful and the office not only learned about the student veteran population and common transition issues, but were provided with further information and resources available both on and off the campus.

“As a department that provides services to student veterans, we felt it was critical to understand the needs and transition issues of student veterans,” Green said. “We strive for student veterans to feel that they are receiving personal and effective services so they have every opportunity for success at the university.”

Upon completion, offices are given a Green Zone sticker to signify their designation as a military friendly office.

The program has trained around 223 faculty and staff and continues to train more.

“Student veterans are a unique and growing population on our campus,” Green said. “It is not only our mission but our duty to assist student veterans through a successful transition and ultimate matriculation through Texas Tech.”

Military and Veterans Program

The mission is to provide exceptional support and facilitation to students, faculty and staff for all issues related to the military and veterans. We are a support agency committed to enabling students to achieve their academic goals through campus and community wide resources with a one-stop problem resolution philosophy. Our success is measured by degree completion. We are dedicated to serving those who served.



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