National Reading Day Features Texas Tech “Pride by Design”

President Guy Bailey reads children’s book co-authored by Professor Michelle Pantoya.

Some books can alter the course of your life, and Texas Tech University President Guy Bailey hopes the one he read to children today, is one of them.

“Pride by Design” features Raider Red as he takes in the sights and sounds of Raiderland. It is the latest children’s book co-authored by Michelle Pantoya, a professor of mechanical engineering at Texas Tech, and Emily Hunt, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at West Texas A&M University.

“Engineering was our inspiration, and we put it with something they can all understand like sports,” Pantoya said. “We talk about specially engineered fabric that can wick away sweat and cool off cross-country runners, to the sweet spot on a tennis racket.”

The authors accompanied Bailey as he read the story to second graders at Ramirez Charter School, as part of National Reading Day. The annual event encourages reading for younger children, and is celebrated in thousands of schools across the United States.

“We want these children to understand they have a chance to build the next Jones AT&T Stadium or United Spirit Arena,” Bailey said. “They are the college students of the next decade.”

A copy of “Pride by Design” is now available for check-out at all LISD elementary school libraries.

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