South Korean Government Officials Visit Texas Tech University Researcher

New laws could allow for charitable trusts and foundations. Associate Professor Russell James, director of graduate studies in charitable planning, is assisting in this endeavor.

West Texas residents have long benefited from community and private foundations such as the Lubbock Area Foundation and The CH Foundation. However, in South Korea, there are almost none of these types of organizations as laws do not allow for the private creation of charitable foundations or charitable trusts.

Now, its government and Grand National Party’s policy committee are reviewing the possibilities, in an effort to encourage charitable donations and educate future generations.

Russell James, associate professor, director of graduate studies in charitable planning, and The CH Foundation chair in personal financial planning is assisting in this endeavor.  He traveled to Seoul a year ago to present his recommendations and research findings on charitable trusts and private foundations.

Such progress has been made that eight South Korean government officials are traveling to Texas Tech Dec. 22-23 to meet with James and also to tour various non-profits in the Lubbock area.

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