Texas Tech STEP 2 Program Recognized for Excellence in Education

Partnership with South Plains College to complete teaching credentials flourishes.

A partnership between Texas Tech University’s College of Education and South Plains College is being recognized nationally as an example of education excellence.

Excelencia in Education will honor the STEP 2 program, among others, Tuesday (Sept. 27) at the Celebración de Excelencia in Washington, D.C.

STEP 2 is a student support services program that assists transfer students from South Plains College that have completed their Associates of Arts in Teaching and desire to obtain certification to teach from a four-year institution. STEP 1 is to complete that. STEP 2 is to transfer to Texas Tech’s College of Education.

“As has been well-documented, Latinos that begin college at a community college are highly unlikely to complete the two-year program and even less likely to transfer to a four-year college,” said Janie Ramirez, administrator of outreach programs in the College of Education. “Our program has a 100 percent track record in graduating Latino students.”

The partnership between SPC and Texas Tech began in 2005 with the first cohort of transfer students. STEP 2 has served 124 students with an average of 29 students in the program each semester.

According to Excelencia in Education, by 2025 nearly one-quarter of the nation’s college-age population will be Latino, but not enough are earning college degrees. Excelencia is working to promote practices on the graduate and undergraduate levels that support the success of more Latino students. The Examples of Excelencia initiative asks for nominations of programs and departments that show effectiveness in serving Latino students and all students.

STEP 2 was selected from nearly 200 nominations. The recognition includes a $5,000 donation to the program to support its ongoing success.

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CONTACT: Janie Ramirez, outreach programs administrator, College of Education, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-1998 ext. 459, or janie.ramirez@ttu.edu.