Texas Tech Pop-Culture Expert Available to Discuss Star Wars Blu-Ray Release

Some conflicted fans believe George Lucas has turned to the “Dark Side.”

There is a disturbance in the force as director George Lucas releases his blockbuster “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” today (Sept. 16) on Blu-Ray. The long-awaited event is sure to excite many fans; however many die-hards are already said to be up in arms over changes made to the original film.

Texas Tech University humanities librarian, film, comic book and superhero expert, Rob Weiner, is available to discuss the Star Wars series.

“I’m of two minds about this,” Weiner said. “At what point does art stop being art?”

If you want to enjoy the popular space-western in full HD, this box set is a must-have for any Blu-Ray collector. Plus, it comes with 40 hours of special features, including both vintage and current documentaries.

However, the newly remastered films feature controversial sound edits and visual enhancements, which distance the series from its original ‘70s and ‘80s theatrical releases.

“Lucas is so enamored with technology,” Weiner said. “He has always been a visionary in that regard. And yet the original, as it was done in 1977, is what people liked.”

A release of both versions would be an option, but perhaps it is unnecessary.

“Changes or no changes, people will buy it because it’s a phenomenon,” Weiner said. “It’s Star Wars.”

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