Texas Tech Goes Greener with Recycling

Since 2009, Texas Tech has collected 39 tons of cardboard, including 12 tons this year alone.

Recycling dumpsters are found all around campus to help preserve the Texas Tech campus and Lubbock.

Recycling dumpsters are found all around campus to help preserve the Texas Tech campus and Lubbock.

Texas Tech students are making an effort to minimize the school’s carbon footprint.

Since 2009, Texas Tech has recycled more than 39 tons of cardboard from move-in weekends alone. Students moving in this year were responsible for 12 tons of this overall number.

Allison Wiley, sustainability coordinator in the Texas Tech operations division, said sustainability is a growing trend in higher education.

“The student body is starting to become more aware of the recycling opportunities on campus,” she said.

While move-in weekend serves as a prime opportunity for students to recycle, Texas Tech maintains recycling bins year-round in the common areas of academic buildings, the library, the recreation center and the residence halls. In addition, recycling dumpsters can be found behind all the dining locations and residence halls.

Jackie Kimbler, student housing unit manager, said both staff and students take part in the recycling effort.

“The housekeeping staff empties these containers and put them in a central holding area,” Kimbler said. “Our student assistants remove the recycled material from the building and bring it to facilities where it is sorted and shipped.”

Kimbler and Wiley also suggest students remember to sort their recycling into the appropriate containers in order to prevent contamination and keep the process in action.

“Ultimately, it is up to the students, staff and faculty to preserve our campus and the Lubbock area for the future,” Wiley said.  “By participating in recycling, students are helping Texas Tech to save money in landfill costs while preserving our planet.”

Any student organization of department interested in organizing a recycling effort can contact Wiley at allison.wiley@ttu.edu.


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