Texas Tech Expert: Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall Prompts Discussion of Food Safety


The U.S. beef industry has made great strides in food safety, even amid the news that Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. is recalling about 131,300 pounds of ground beef in Ohio-area Kroger stores that might be contaminated with E. coli.


Guy Loneragan, professor of epidemiology and animal health, (806) 742-2805 ext. 268, guy.loneragan@ttu.edu.

Talking Points

• The beef industry and government regulators take food safety seriously and are working to remove the implicated product from the marketplace as quickly as possible.

• During the years, the beef industry has invested tremendously in controls to eliminate E. coli O157 from the beef supply; the outbreak informs us that while the beef industry has made great strides, additional opportunities for improvement remain.


• “Thanks to improving outbreak detection systems at the state and federal level, we now identify these outbreaks earlier and more precisely so that recalls can be initiated sooner.”

• “Texas Tech researchers have (and continue to be) part of the research efforts to discover and develop new technologies to better control E. coli O157 in animals and during the harvest process. A large and vibrant food safety research portfolio exists at Tech and researchers work closely with industry and public health officials.”

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