Cultural Heritage Research Symposium to Honor Professor

John White's work will be celebrated at 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 30 in the College of Architecture gallery.

Professor John White is most known for his efforts in the preservation of U.S. history.

Known to students for his exceptional teaching and mentoring, Professor John White is known to the nation for his significant contributions to the completion of important preservation documentation projects, such as the Statue of Liberty and George Washington’s 1776 Sleeping Marquee.

Texas Tech’s College of Architecture will celebrate White’s work through its Cultural Heritage Research Symposium from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday (Sept. 30) in the College of Architecture gallery.

Occurring in addition to the symposium, are tours for special guests and an invitation-only reception beginning at 7 p.m.

Elizabeth Louden, a professor in the college, has collaborated with White for more than 20 years and said White’s contributions to the College of Architecture, Texas Tech University and the U.S. citizenry as a whole are immeasurable.

White’s records and the documentation projects discussed during the symposium will help researchers and historians reconstruct the past and learn about the area once those buildings no longer exist.

“We want to record buildings for the future,” Louden said. “It helps tell the story of our history and our culture.”

The research symposium is open to the public and features keynote speaker David Woodcock, a former professor and director emeritus at the Center for Heritage Conservation at Texas A&M University. Woodcock will speak regarding “Conservation, Preservation Practice and the Academy.” Other research presenters include Rima Ajlouni, Brian Zugay, Javier Gomez, Matt Henson, with Louden acting as moderator.

Tours of RestorHaus Wood Preservation Specialization, Texas Bronze Metal Studio and the National Ranching Heritage Center are available, but are limited in number. Interested parties should contact Louden.

The private evening event, titled “John P. White, Dean of HABS (Historic American Building Survey),” will be run by Paul Dolinsky of the National Park Service and will focus specifically on White.

“The remarkable thing about Professor John White is his consistency and persistence in recording history of the U.S. for posterity,” Louden said. “He spent his career mentoring students and teaching them the value of history built by architecture and fostering respect for the history of architecture. He is kind, cheerful, generous of spirit and full of knowledge."

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