For the Love of Fashion

Texas Tech Fashion Camp provides campers the opportunity to learn from fashion experts, Texas Tech students.

The final fashion show involved campers from as far as California and as close as Lubbock.

The final fashion show involved campers from as far as California and as close as Lubbock.

Recent college graduates commonly complain about feeling they have obtained multitudes of knowledge, but lack experience and applicable skills. However, students in the College of Human Sciences’ Department of Nutrition, Hospitality and Retail Management are helping the college run programs that provide much-needed, hands-on experiences.

Enter Texas Tech Fashion Camp, a week-long program that allows kids, ages 10-18, to learn from fashion experts while experiencing a college-like atmosphere.

Texas Tech students teach classes such as fashion history, drawing a logo, sewing and paper dress design, and prepare campers for the final fashion show.

The camp fashion show is the culmination of the entire week’s work from campers and Texas Tech students. This year’s fashion show was held on July 1 at the Frazier Alumni Pavilion.

Fashion Forward

Deborah Fowler, associate professor in the College of Human Sciences, said students produce the show as part of their assignments in two courses: Event Management in the Retail Industry, and Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional Management Event Management.

“This is a real life hands-on experience for all of the students,” Fowler said. “Not only do they learn the basics of event management, they also learn many human resource skills.  On any given day, there are about 50 campers and counselors involved.”

Coutour Collaboration

This year, the show involved campers from as far as California and as close as Lubbock, allowing students to work with individuals. Fashion camp directors and graduate students in the College of Human Sciences, Caroline Powell, Ashley Adams and Cindy Choi worked all year preparing for the camp. Powell helped campers choose their clothes for the show based on the story they wanted to tell, formal or casual. The campers then chose the clothes that best reflected their style and preferences.

For more advanced campers, Adams assisted campers in creating their own flat patterns, and altering them to the style they wanted based on silhouette.

During the show, campers hit the runway and stopped to pose on three occasions, directly facing each section of the audience at least once. With confidence in the outfits Texas Tech students helped them prepare, the campers displayed excitement about the show, Adams said. She also said it was a great experience seeing the camper’s personalities come out through their fashion designs, modeling, and trend boards.

"I feel that running the show helped me with my management skills,” Adams said. “Not only did I have to oversee all of the campers, I also was in charge of delegating tasks to the other counselors.  It was a very chaotic couple of weeks, but it was all well worth the stress and the long hours."


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