Veteran Enrollment Continues to Rise

Texas Tech ranks among the top 15 percent of institutions dedicated to serving U.S. veterans.

Texas Tech administration takes pride in educating veterans who have served our nation.

Texas Tech administration takes pride in educating veterans who have served our nation.

At Texas Tech, ranked among the top 15 percent in higher education working to serve members of the U.S. military, veteran enrollment continues to grow with 949 veterans and dependents of veterans enrolled in spring 2011.

Ryan Van Dusen, assistant director of the Military and Veterans Programs and former member of the U.S. Army, said Texas Tech and Lubbock provide an atmosphere that is receptive to the sacrifices made by our men and women who served in the military.

Jason Partain, former U.S. Marine, is a current student studying wind energy.

“Without the G.I. Bill it would be difficult for me to get a college education,” Partain said. “I chose Texas Tech because it’s such a caring atmosphere. The faculty and staff are willing to go above and beyond to help students. I feel my military service is appreciated.”

University administration is grateful for the opportunity to help educate students who have sacrificed themselves for the benefit of the nation, said Juan Munoz, vice president of institutional diversity, equity, and community engagement and vice provost of undergraduate education and student affairs.

“As a nationally recognized military friendly campus, the continued growth of Texas Tech University is among the highest strategic priorities of its leadership, and they have made a firm and visible commitment to having veterans and military families an essential aspect of said growth," Munoz said. “For military veterans and their families who choose to honor Texas Tech with their presence, 'from here it’s possible.’"

Military and Veterans Program

The mission is to provide exceptional support and facilitation to students, faculty and staff for all issues related to the military and veterans. We are a support agency committed to enabling students to achieve their academic goals through campus and community wide resources with a one-stop problem resolution philosophy. Our success is measured by degree completion. We are dedicated to serving those who served.



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