Texas Tech Launches Admitted Student Website

The new site features a personalized freshman checklist.

Written by Jaryn Jones

Texas Tech University now offers a website exclusively for newly admitted freshmen or transfer students to answer the question of “now what?” after being admitted. The site is available at www.admitted.ttu.edu.

After accessing the site, students should begin by updating enrollment status to indicate current interest in attending Texas Tech. From there, the site has many features that will prepare future Red Raiders to begin class.

“The admitted student site provides a one-stop shop for new students and their parents to take care of the business associated with attending Texas Tech in the fall,” said Amy Murphy, managing director of Center for Campus Life. “The more information the student provides through the admitted student website then the better able we are to communicate tips and resources to meet the new student’s needs.”

The new site features an enrollment checklist and progress bar. Students are encouraged to utilize this easy-to-use checklist of what to do before classes begin. The checklist indicates the specific action to take, the department to contact in order to complete the task and the task’s due date. Tasks include selecting a meal plan, submitting scholarship applications, sending transcripts and other related actions. Each item expands to provide more information. The progress bar will indicate the student’s status in completing the checklist. Once the list is complete, the student will be ready to begin class.

The site also includes an involvement profile. This profile allows students to indicate areas of collegiate involvement that interest them. Students will have the choice from more than 20 areas of interest such as studying abroad, Greek life or student organizations. Automated e-mails are then sent to the student regarding their areas of interest.

The site is personalized for each individual student with name, R-number, Red Raider Orientation date, college and major. Students are encouraged to expand the “My Contact Information” tab to enter phone numbers and emergency contact information.

CONTACT: Amy Murphy, managing director, Center for Campus Life, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-5433 or amy.murphy@ttu.edu.