Follow Texas Tech Architecture and Honors Students on a Journey through India

The university is partnered with the Rai Foundation to help the students have a one-on-one experience with the Indian culture.

Written by Jaryn Jones

The seminar allows students to learn about other cultures by studying the ideas and symbolism expressed in the architecture.

The seminar allows students to learn about other cultures by studying the ideas and symbolism expressed in the architecture.

Students enrolled in Texas Tech's Honors 3301 fall seminar class recently concluded their semester with a two-week study tour of historical India.

Texas Tech partnered with the Rai Foundation which hosts participating universities as they learn about Indian culture. The study of selected buildings and sites in India provides students with an introductory understanding and appreciation of the country.

To follow their journey through India from the students' perspectives, visit their blog.

Professor Joe Aranha said students are able to learn about other societies and nations by studying the ideas and symbolisms expressed in their architecture.

"This Honors Seminar about Indian architecture expands the student's knowledge of architecture as a product of human imagination and thought," Aranha said. "At the same time, students are introduced to the cultural, multi-ethnic and religious diversity of India."

There are no prerequisites for the course. However, preference is given to junior and senior students.

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