Campus Life Presents Risk Management Series for Greek Students

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DATE: Jan. 26, 2011

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Campus Life Presents Risk Management Series for Greek Students

Each semester a presentation of proactive measures is given to the Greek community.

The Center for Campus Life is set to hold its biannual Clay R. Warren Memorial Risk Management Speaker Series for Greek students at 6 p.m. for males and 8 p.m. for females on Jan. 31. The presentation will be at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Theatre.

Lori Hart Ebert, presenter, is the keynote speaker and will discuss, “Making Greek Great.” Ebert specializes in talks pertaining to alcohol and drugs, fraternity and sorority life, gender communication, leadership and relationships.

Megan Robare, unit coordinator for Campus Life, said the information presented focuses on risk management within the Greek community and preventative steps to a healthier and safer environment. She also said the 2011 spring semester presentation will take a new direction in the way the information will be given.

“This year is different. We have decided to have males go first, and then the females will follow. The topics are not different in the sessions, but topics are approached differently, such as alcohol and eating disorders,” Robare said.

Not only has Campus Life divided the time slots, but it has also widened its audience.

“We surveyed Greek leaders, who we only presented to in the past, and we found some information that was taken back to fraternities or sororities was lost in translation,” Robare said. “So, we thought it would be a good idea to open up the talk to the entire Greek community.”

Christina Stromberg, Panhellenic president, said she thinks the new specifications will open the eyes of students who may be overlooking certain issues.

“I think the changes will make a greater impact because it makes students more aware of these issues than in the past. Bringing light to specific issues to more students can only help those struggling but don’t realize it yet,” she said.

The risk management series is in memory of Clay R. Warren, a Texas Tech freshman who died from injuries he suffered in an automobile wreck while returning home from a fraternity event in 2002.

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