Faculty Member Receives Peace Award

The award was presented by Lubbock's Institute of Interfaith Dialog.

Juan Muñ oz  was awarded the Peace Award for his efforts to promote diversity at Texas Tech.

Juan Muñoz was awarded the Peace Award for his efforts to promote diversity at Texas Tech.

Texas Tech's Juan Muñoz, vice president for institutional diversity, equity and community engagement, was presented the Peace Award from Lubbock's Institute of Interfaith Dialog at the 8th Annual Dialog and Friendship Dinner at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center.

Atilla Hafizoglu, representative of the Institute's Lubbock chapter, said the award is given to individuals in the community who promote diversity and exert a willingness to improve their surrounding society.

"We believe Dr. Muñoz was the exact person for this award. If you look at his work, you can see his efforts promote diversity in all he does."

Muñoz said he was honored to receive the award and believes that understanding diversity, including religious diversity, provides a common point where communities can achieve better situational outcomes.

"The peaceful consideration and appropriation of people's unique insights, backgrounds and contributions invariably leads to more significant and prosperous results," he said.

The Institute of Interfaith Dialog, established in 2002 as a non-profit educational organization, aims to eliminate or reduce false stereotypes, prejudices and unjustified fears through direct human communication. To carry out its goals the institute organizes activities such as conferences, panels and intercultural trips to Turkey.

The annual dinner is known as an event where individuals can come together to strengthen their friendship within the community.

Renee Underwood, marketing chairman for the Texas Tech Alumni Association, said the dinner had a highly diverse crowd including elected officials, religious leaders and other VIPs.

"It was by far the most multicultural event I have ever attended in Lubbock," she said.

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