1.5 Million Texas Children Don’t Have Family Health Insurance

Daily Rosetta

The second largest state in the US, Texas, contained nearly 1.5 million children who did not have family health insurance. This was according to the latest survey conducted by the Census Bureau for families.

To have this large number of children who lived with their families who were not able to make their health secured posed a warning to a great extent. For this reason, the Texas Tech University have made a way to somehow help these children’s family especially the low income families to have their children get secured with a health insurance. For this, they conducted a health fair.

Some of the families were also entertained and were given information so as to make them realized that having their children insured really helped a lot in ways particularly during emergencies. They have cited the illnesses that one child will probably be encountered. With the aid of a family health insurance, one may feel safe and secure.

The health services association as what they had said offered assistance to the low income that can barely afford insurance, if not for them, at least for their children. Although two-thirds of these children were qualified for the Medicaid program, still, this can’t prove that the family health insurance issues were solved.

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