Food Safety Expert Can Discuss Avoiding Salmonella in Eggs

Researcher has received millions in grants to to prevent foodborne pathogens, including a new technology that uses directional microwaves to zap microorganisms.

Written by Cory Chandler

Wright County Egg in Galt, Iowa, has recalled 228 million eggs in response to an outbreak of salmonella poisoning.

Texas Tech University food safety expert Mindy Brashears can provide advice for avoiding foodborne illnesses and discuss new technology that could reduce or eliminate harmful pathogens in eggs.

Brashears is director of Texas Tech’s International Center for Food Industry Excellence and a professor in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences.

She is the recipient of millions of dollars in federal commodity and research grants  that have helped develop new technologies to reduce or eliminate foodborne pathogens.

Among her most recent breakthroughs is MicroZAP, which uses directional microwaves delivered at varying doses and intensities in order to target disease-causing microorganisms in foods such as beef, poultry and eggs. The technology has even demonstrated the ability to kill deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

MicroZAP, a biotech company spun off the patented technology, recently received $1.5 million from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund to pursue new applications.

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