EDITORIAL Energy transition more important than ever

By all reports, last week's climate change talks in Bonn, Germany, were another setback in the attempt to reach a global consensus on a global warming strategy. The European Union's climate commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, said: "These negotiations have if anything gone backwards." The Bonn talks also marked a further slide in the amount of importance the issue is getting internationally these days. It is apparently barely newsworthy just a little more than eight months after the Copenhagen Summit held the global centre stage...

Many scientists are sceptical. Ronald Kendall, the director of the Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech University, testified last Wednesday at a congressional hearing about the need for more research into the composition and extremely heavy use of toxic chemical dispersants to break up the oil in the Gulf.

``The bottom line is that a lot of oil is still at sea dispersed in the water column,'' said Mr Kendall. ``It's a big ecological question as to how this will ultimately unfold.''

He added that it's ``too early to draw the conclusion that the coast is clear, but there are species there that will tell us''.

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